COP21 Young people from Vattenfall’s Swedish school project Gnistan (the spark) will present their innovations via video to climate meeting participants in Paris and in person to politicians and decision makers at in Stockholm.

Twelve youngsters from the Gnistan project were scheduled to attend the Sustainable Innovation Forum in Paris in connection with the UN Climate Change Conference to present their energy innovations. Because of the terrorist attacks, the plans were, however, changed. Instead, a video with the youngsters’ work will be presented at the Forum.

Adam Östling, Samuel Brandt,  Tom Alexandersson and Adam Norlander from Trollhättan in western Sweden are among the Gnistan participants:

“Our idea is to collect large quantities of solar energy outside the earth’s atmosphere while simultaneously reducing the greenhouse effect. That can be done by building large arrays of solar panels up in space. They would collect the sun’s energy, but also screen part of the earth from solar radiation so that less of it reaches the earth. This summer many people died due to extremely high temperatures caused by the sun. Here in Sweden we don’t really have that problem, but heat kills many people in countries such as India and Pakistan. We do not want to reflect away so much solar radiation that the earth cools down, but merely to ensure adequate temperatures. People will still be able to sunbathe but fewer of them will die from excessive temperatures. To transfer the electricity down to the earth we suggest using wireless technology.”

How did you get this idea?
“We just sat down and brainstormed and finally arrived at something that we thought sounded good, and we felt we had a good idea.”

What do you think of the Paris meeting and the politicians’ responsibility to the environment? 
“We hope that the politicians will reach a good agreement and that our idea may be able to contribute to a better environment in the future.”

What are you personally doing for the environment?
“We are maybe not environmentally aware all the time, but  it’s always at the back of our minds not to drop litter or destroy the environment in any way.”

In addition to the video presentation in Paris, the Gnistan groups will have the opportunity to present their innovations in person to politicians and decision makers at a specially scheduled event in Stockholm, which will take place at the same time as the Forum in Paris.

Watch the video ”A spark of energy for the future” where the Gnistan youngsters present their innovations

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