World's first offshore wind farm on its last turn

DANMARK After commissioning in 1991, 11 small wind turbines in the Vindeby wind farm started to supply the world’s first offshore wind energy to the Danish power grid. But after 25 years of operation, the Vindeby turbines are now worn down, and Dong Energy is therefore preparing to retire the wind farm.

Today, only one of the largest offshore turbines produces more power than the entire Vindeby offshore wind farm, which supplies around 2,200 households with electricity. For comparison, 42 wind turbines in Dong Energy’s recently opened 252 MW “Gode Wind 2” offshore wind farm will produce enough power to supply approximately 260,000 German households yearly.
Footnote: Last year, the world’s first decommissioning of an offshore wind farm, Vattenfall’s Yttre Stengrund wind farm in the Baltic Sea, was completed.

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