The world's first fully renewable electricity system

Renewable energy Energy storage and advanced network management is key.

On the small island of Graciosa in the Azores the world's first electric system based on 100% renewable electricity generation is being built. The system uses electricity from solar and wind power, electricity storage in batteries and advanced control to stabilize the grid for short-term fluctuations. As backup for extended periods of low renewable generation, a third of the existing capacity from diesel generators will be kept, which means that the electrical system in the end will not be "100% renewable" at all times.

The new grid on Graciosa is built by the German-US company Younicos. Previously, the company integrated the first ever megawatt-scale battery into the European power grid in Berlin in cooperation with Vattenfall. The Danish financial investor Recharge A/S has bought 50.1% of the electricity network on Graciosa and are investigating the possibility of building a similar renewable power system on other islands in the Azores.

Graciosa belongs to the central island group in the Azores and has an area of 61 km². The island has approximately 5,000 permanent residents.

Climate action: World’s first 100% renewable energy grid being built in the Azores 

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