sweden  Two huge projects in the province of Västerbotten in northern Sweden may double Vattenfall's electricity generation from onshore wind power in Sweden. An environmental licence has been obtained for 50 turbines at Blakliden wind farm, and a licence for 40 turbines at Fäbodberget is expected to be obtained within the next few months.

Stor-Rotliden, just outside Fredrika, is Vattenfall’s largest onshore wind farm in Sweden. It came into operation in August 2011.

Now, a short distance from Stor-Rotliden (around 25 km), Vattenfall has been granted an environmental licence for Blakliden. The licence covers 50 turbines, and a detailed analysis of the costs of the project will be carried out under contract in 2016.

"The aim is that Vattenfall's Board of Directors will be able to make a final decision on the investment at the end of 2016," explains Daniel Gustafsson, project manager for Blakliden.

Three years to build
If the Board of Directors give the go-ahead, the wind farm will be built between 2017 and 2019.

"We expect it to take three years to build because, amongst other things, it will have to be connected to Svenska Kraftnät's national grid," says Daniel Gustafsson.

In parallel with Blakliden, Vattenfall is waiting on an environmental licence for Fäbodberget, which is located about five kilometres east of Stor-Rotliden.

"The Land and Environmental Court has granted a licence but we think local opponents of wind power will appeal against the court's decision. If the appeal isn't examined by the high court, the licence could be in force within three months."

Fäbodberget will have a maximum of 40 turbines, and Daniel Gustafsson says he hopes this project can also be included in the contract for Blakliden.

Stor-Rotliden's 40 turbines are currently maintained and repaired by service personnel from the office in Fredrika. If Blakliden and Fäbodberget are built, this office will also be responsible for operations and maintenance," explains Daniel Gustafsson.

Generation will double
If the plans for two new wind farms with a total of 90 turbines become reality, Vattenfall will significantly increase its electricity generation from onshore wind power in Sweden.

"The turbines that would be included if the wind farms are built can generate 3 to 4.2MW of electricity, so I'm guessing we're talking about almost 1TWh of generation, which is roughly double the amount of electricity Vattenfall currently generates from wind power in Sweden," explains Daniel Gustafsson.

Vattenfall’s wind power

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