Germany Right-wing extremists protesting against migrants were met by counter-protesters and a giant orange bear provided by Vattenfall this Saturday (12 March) in Berlin. 

On Saturday, around 1,000 people demonstrated in front of Berlin Hauptbahnhof against a march by right-wing groups taking place at the same time. The anti-right-wing demonstrators congregated under an inflatable orange bear sponsored by Vattenfall. By providing the bear, the company showed its support for the "Berlin against Nazis" mobilisation platform, which is active throughout Berlin.

Police reports stated that more than 3,000 supporters of extreme right-wing and rightist organisations assembled for the march against German Chancellor Angela Merkel and to demonstrate "for Germany". Security authorities had reckoned on a far smaller group.

Bear-based protest
The inflatable bears, which are more than four metres high, are used at demonstrations against right-wing extremism to underline the need to protect Berlin's liberal nature from xenophobia and marginalisation.

"Right-wing extremism and racism are not welcome here!" declared Carolin Brenner from "Berlin against Nazis" with regard to the creative bear-based protest. 

The need for social involvement against increasing right-wing extremism was also expressed in statements by the Senator for Social Affairs, the German Trade Union’s chairman and the bishop of the Evangelical Church, as well as Vattenfall, represented by Alexander Jung, the company’s chief representative in Berlin. They all called for people to take part in the "Berlin against Nazis" demonstration.

In the last few years, Vattenfall has declared its support for liberal-mindedness and tolerance multiple times in both Berlin and in Lusatia. According to Alexander Jung, however, the company's commitment to the "Berlin against Nazis" initiative goes far beyond this.
"We are extremely pleased that our company is able to support the public with this new protest idea and look forward to seeing how much it will resonate with the inhabitants of Berlin," said Alexander Jung.

About Berlin gegen Nazis

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