Cop22 The world’s politicians and business leaders will be gathering at COP22, the UN Climate Conference in Morocco in November. Vattenfall will also be present in Marrakesh.

The Climate Conference offers us an opportunity to see how the climate policy winds are blowing and shows our extensive support for this important global process,” says Andreas Regnell, Vattenfall’s Head of Strategy, who will be in Marrakesh together with other representatives from Vattenfall.

The energy industry is strongly governed by political decisions and policies. Market-based instruments such as emissions trading and taxes, as well as other incentives such as restrictions, prohibitions and subsidies control the preconditions for the industry to a large degree. Even if these are European or global regulations, they are indirectly linked to the global developments in the sector. It is very important for industry players to gain a greater understanding at an early stage of any political decisions that conceivably may be made and how these going forward impact on the prerequisites for the industry.

“After all, political decisions to a great extent define just where Vattenfall will be able to earn money,” says Andreas Regnell.

25,000 participants
Over 25,000 participants and 1,500 journalists from all over the world will be coming to Marrakesh to contribute in some way. The Paris agreement will come into force just before the meeting in Marrakesh. Politicians will then meet to work on the details to ensure the climate agreement concluded in December 2015 at the COP21 meeting in Paris can become a reality.

Business and various interest groups will also meet in Marrakesh, principally to keep abreast of the latest developments and to set up contacts with each other.

“So it will act like a trade fair – but at global level. Marrakesh gives us access to contacts and opportunities to set up partnerships and build up networks for future efforts within the energy sector,” says Andreas Regnell.

The Climate Conference in Marrakesh will run from 7-18 November.

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