Netherlands Helga Norrby started by accident at Dutch energy company Nuon, a Vattenfall subsidiary, left for seven years, and then returned to Vattenfall because she wanted to work for an international company in the energy business.

In recognition of International Women's Day on 8 March, Vattenfall News is highlighting the work of Vattenfall women all week long. Helga Norrby is Head of Vattenfall’s Brussels office, where she manages a team of policy advisors and represents the company in EU-related policy matters.

She joined Nuon by accident in Amsterdam in 2002.
“I needed a temporary job while finishing my degree and found one as secretary of the trade floor in Amsterdam. The energy business was so interesting that I stayed and started an internship. I worked for Nuon until 2005 and then I returned to Vattenfall in 2012. I came back because Nuon had become Vattenfall and with that an international company. I don’t think that I would be able to work for a company without a strong international element anymore.”

Helga Norrby says that the part she enjoys the most about her job is to inspire her team to perform at their very best.

“I do that by finding out what drives them and integrating that driver into their daily work, where possible.”

What do you think Vattenfall should do to increase the number of women at your workplace?

“It’s kind of difficult to answer, as I already believe that there are no barriers for women to obtain a position in Vattenfall. I’ve always felt that Vattenfall should – and does – focus on attracting exceptional people. As a woman working in my field, I don’t feel I need any support to compete with men for a position and hope other women feel the same.”

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