DENMARK The Danish Energy Agency today announced the list of candidates who are pre-qualified to bid for Kriegers Flak – Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm to date. Vattenfall is among them.

Kriegers Flak is the next huge offshore wind farm to be built in Denmark. The Danish Energy Agency has published the names of the companies who are pre-qualified to bid for its construction. Vattenfall is one of seven candidates..

Per Stenholt, Head of Development Offshore Denmark, who was responsible for the pre-qualification, says:
“We are pleased to be included among the bidders for Kriegers Flak. The field is crowded, and we are one of many bidders, but we are not afraid of the challenge. The tender conditions are very similar to those for Horns Rev 3, so we can bring in a considerable part of our experience from that project.”

The announcement today, 23 October, marks the official start of the tender process, which will end in November 2016. The winner will be the candidate that can offer the lowest price in øre per kWh for the first 50,000 hours at full load. In comparison, Vattenfall won the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind project with a price of 77 øre per kWh.

Kriegers Flak
Kriegers Flak is Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm project. It will be built in the waters between Møn, Southern Sweden and North Germany and its turbines will have an output of 600 MW, sufficient to supply about 600,000 households.

The wind farm is planned to go into operation in January 2022.

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