Vattenfall Group Vattenfall, IKEA and eight other major international companies join forces in an initiative to push for the transition to electric vehicles.

The EV100 initiative aims to make electric vehicles "the new normal" under the auspices of the global non-profit organization The Climate Group. The launch took place at the international Climate Week in New York on Tuesday, 19 September.

“Climate change is one of our biggest challenges and we are now very happy to join the EV100 initiative as electrical vehicles can make a significant contribution in reducing carbon emissions. Replacing our whole 3.500 car fleet to EV in the coming five years, working with our customers to deploy charging infrastructure and building northern Europe’s biggest connected charging network are three examples of actions we are taking to promote a sustainable and climate smarter living for customers and citizens.” says Magnus Hall, Vattenfall’s president and CEO.

Natural step towards fossil-free
The companies that join the EV100 initiative will swap their  fossil fuel vehicle fleets to electric, install charging infrastructure and use their common voice to influence employees, customers and service contractors.

Tomas Björnsson, Vice President E-mobility at Vattenfall on Vattenfall’s commitment to the EV100 initiative.

"For Vattenfall, the EV100 is a natural step in our focus to become fossil-free within a generation. We want to be a role model for others and electric cars to become the new normal. Already in February we announced our commitment to replacing our own vehicle fleet within the next 5 years. Through EV 100, now we extend our commitment further," says Tomas Björnsson, Vice President, Vattenfall E-mobility.

Four areas are targeted
The companies that join the EV100 undertake to drive the development of electric cars in four areas towards 2030; firstly,  with regard to their own fleet of vehicles; secondly, in terms of placing requirements on service contracts; thirdly, to facilitate for employees to drive electric vehicles by providing charging poles etcetera and, fourthly, to facilitate for customers to use electric cars in the same manner.

"We work targeted with all these areas. Passenger vehicles are well under way to be fully electric or hybrid as the existing lease contracts expire. As far as the fleet of light commercial service vehicles is concerned, all vehicle managers have been tasked with drawing up a plan for the swap. We are also mapping the need for charging infrastructure in our offices and facilities. To this should be added our public charging network and the connected network we build together with our customers and partners, which we will grow fast in all our markets," he says.

Strong message
The ten first companies now joining The Climate Group's initiative EV100 are, in addition to Vattenfall and IKEA,  food group Unilever, computer manufacturer HP,  California-based energy company PG & E, German Deusche Post DHL, vehicle leasing company Leaseplan,  German retail and wholesale  group Metro AG, Chinese web services company Baidu and Heathrow Airport.

“We congratulate Vattenfall on being one of the first companies to join EV100. Transport is still the fastest growing area of carbon emissions, as the shift to electric vehicles is not happening fast enough; and mass system change, even with Government intervention, needs much greater customer demand, “ says Helen Clarkson, Chief Executive, The Climate Group, said:

"By joining forces with other multinational companies we can drive the development of electric mobility and the sales of electric cars, and send a very strong message to the market,” says Tomas Björnsson.

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