Sweden Vattenfall InHouse: smart energy services for tenant-owner housing associations and property owners in the Swedish market

Vattenfall InHouse is a holistic concept with a range of energy services aimed at property owners and tenant-owner housing associations looking for energy-efficient and climate-smart energy solutions customised to their property requirements. The new energy services are a step in Vattenfall's overall strategy to offer customers both central and local energy solutions.

Sustainable solution for your wallet and the environment
"Many property owners and tenant-owner housing associations are currently on the lookout for cost-effective and sustainable heating, electricity and e-car charging solutions. They also ask about customised solutions for a total offering and which work together over time. Vattenfall InHouse offers an easy and smart energy service that helps customers select the right energy solution," says Mattias Tingvall, Head of Business Development.

The new Vattenfall InHouse business concept combines local energy with customer-related energy and consists of four components: InHouse Heat, InHouse Electricity, InHouse Charging and InHouse Smart. By mapping a property, a customised solution is created using one or more of the Vattenfall InHouse components. The services are subscription based and customers either pay a monthly fee based on the number of kilowatt hours consumed or a fixed charge.

"The Vattenfall InHouse services are set up to make life simple and secure for our customers. InHouse customers are not required to tie up any capital in equipment and there is no need to invest time in acquiring knowledge and taking care of various technological solutions, because we do this for them. Customers are also ensured that the different systems in a property work together in a smart way to guarantee a sustainable solution both in terms of cutting costs and saving the environment," says Magnus Hall, Vattenfall's CEO.

"Vattenfall's new energy services allow us to offer heating solutions to customers not connected to our district heating networks, and also to those looking for a solution other than district heating. This takes us in the right direction to becoming more customer focused and is a significant step closer to being a one-stop heating supplier," says Jenny Larsson, Head of Vattenfall Heat in Sweden.

BRF Haga saves thousands every year
Recently, the tenant-owner housing association BRF Haga in Solna to the north of Stockholm signed a 10-year contract with Vattenfall InHouse, and in so doing is one the first customers to avail of the new energy services. BRF Haga had previously installed charging points in the garage, and were now looking for a total, sustainable and energy-efficient solution to meet the association's requirements.

Lennart Jonsson and Lars Samuelsson from the Haga tenant-owner housing association in Solna with Vattenfall's CEO Magnus Hall in the middle.

"The combo solution we have chosen with geothermal heat, solar panels and district heating will mean we will pay almost 10,000 euro less in annual energy costs, while at the same time opening the way to other sustainable sources of energy. I encourage other tenant-owner housing associations to start looking at similar overall solutions. This is the future," says Lennart Jonsson, chairman at BRF Haga.

Facts about the Vattenfall InHouse contract with BRF Haga

  • Ten-year contract where Vattenfall supplies solar power and heating as services. BRF Haga pays for electricity and heating based on the monthly consumption of kilowatt hours.
  • 810 MWh/year of the total energy amount of 1,500 MWh/year is replaced with geothermal heat.
  • Some 5% of the total electricity consumption is replaced by solar power, about 30,000 KWh/year.
  • This reduces the electricity and heating costs by 5.7% a year based on today's conditions, over 100,000 kronor reduction in annual costs.
  • It offers BRF Haga a 7% reduction in heating costs, where 50% of the heating comes from geothermal heat and 50% from district heating.
  • The installation will be commissioned in the middle of December.

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