DENMARK Discussions are to begin with Danish pension funds about joint investment in the off-shore wind farm Horns Rev 3, Vattenfall's CEO Magnus Hall revealed in an interview with the Danish newspaper Finans.dk.

During the ongoing EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) event for the off-shore wind power industry Magnus Hall was interviewed about Vattenfall's newly won concession to build off-shore wind farm Horns Rev 3 off the Danish west coast. 
In the interview, with the headline, "Vattenfall on the hunt for Danish pension billions", Magnus Hall says, among other things, that Vattenfall is going to begin discussions with Danish pensions funds about joint investment in Horns Rev 3.

"I am certain that we are going to talk to them. Danish pension funds have knowledge about the wind power industry and it is favourable to have knowledgeable partners."

The Danish power company Dong earlier sold half of its shares in a wind farm in Anholt to Danish pension funds.

Continued growth
Magnus Hall explains to Finans.dk that Vattenfall considers joint financing as a possibility for increasing the rate of growth within renewables.

"The share of wind power in our production portfolio is still small in comparison to nuclear power, hydro power and our fossil fuel generation assets. But in terms of where our growth investments are made, it is undoubtedly wind power that is the most important one, and that growth is set to continue.

More about the concessions for Horns Rev 3

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