Danmark Vattenfall strengthens the team behind its record-low bids in Denmark with the recruitment of Siemens Gamesa's Chief Executive Officer in North America, Jacob Nørgaard Andersen, and Senior Vice President from Ørsted Energy, Mats Vikholm who will lead a newly created Wind Farm Design division. 

In order to strengthen Vattenfall's position in the market, the company has employed two of the top profiles in the international wind industry to develop the next generation of offshore wind farms. Jacob Nørgaard Andersen will start in Vattenfall on 1 January 2018 as Head of Engineering, and Mats Vikholm started in December as Head of Wind Farm Design.

"In order to win the future tenders for offshore wind, it becomes crucial to proactively drive the development of tomorrow's wind technologies. Vattenfall has successfully done this in connection with the Danish offshore wind farms Kriegers Flak and Vesterhav South and North, which we won at record-low prices," says Michael Simmelsgaard, Head of Offshore Wind in Vattenfall, and continues:

"It goes without saying that we need to have the best people with hands-on experience when it comes to wind technology, farm design and the process itself to be able to excellence in the future. Therefore, it is a bit of scoop that Vattenfall now hires two of the best wind profiles."

Jacob Nørgaard Andersen will challenge suppliers to develop future wind turbine solutions
Jacob Nørgaard Andersen, returning to Denmark after eight years in North America for Siemens Gamesa, will ensure technological market knowledge and challenge suppliers to develop future wind turbine solutions.

"Vattenfall has a strong position in the offshore market. The company’s approach to innovation, and the way in which the technology of the future is fully integrated into the core of the cooperation with the suppliers, is exciting and right. Traditionally, developers have said to the suppliers, we need components X, Y and Z. What does that cost? Looking forward, we must turn the process around and ask what technology do we need in order to make the most of an offshore wind farm? Can you invent that? I am looking forward to develop that approach further," says Jacob Nørgaard Andersen.

Vattenfall's approach has secured the company the right to build all planned offshore capacity in Denmark towards 2022. The new farms will increase Denmark's wind production by more than 20 per cent. Recently, Vattenfall placed the world's largest offshore turbine order in 2017 of 113 turbines or nearly 1 GW with Siemens Gamesa.

Jacob Nørgaard Andersen has held several positions at Siemens Gamesa, most recently as CEO of the North American market.

Mats Vikholm will trim the entire value chain of offshore wind turbine projects
To head the new Wind Farm Design division, which will collect and optimize experience from all parts of wind turbine projects, Vattenfall has recruited Mats Vikholm.

"Vattenfall is interesting because the offshore wind organization is agile and highly skilled. This combination is essential in a rapidly changing market and in order to develop the next generation of offshore wind farms. So far, the main focus has been on optimizing the technology – the turbines. The next step will be to optimize all aspects of the project, not least the cooperation between developer and suppliers. Because it is through closer integration that innovation and additional cost reduction are achieved," says Mats Vikholm who comes from a position in Ørsted Energy as Senior Vice President of Procurement & Product Line Executive.

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