Netherlands Buys another 32 turbines in Wieringermeer onshore wind power farm.

Vattenfall has increased its ownership in Wieringermeer wind farm with the acquisition of an additional 32 turbines in what will be the largest windfarm on the Dutch mainland. This means that Vattenfall will own a total of 82 wind turbines out of 100 at the future Wieringermeer wind farm.

Turbines complement portfiolio
Gunnar Groebler is heading Vattenfall’s Business Unit Wind , involving investments of EUR 5 billion over five years:

“We are very happy about this acquisition. The additional 32 wind turbines will complement our portfolio in the Netherlands perfectly. The Netherlands are an important market for us and the acquisition strongly supports our strategic goal to be fossil-free within one generation.

Vattenfall already owns 50 turbines in the project but with this acquisition, it will considerably increase its share. The acquisition was made from the members of the Windcollectief Wieringermeer, which is a part of a joint venture with ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands), Nuon and partners ECN will retain ownership of the remaining 17 wind turbines in the wind farm. In the near future, the new wind farm will have 100 wind turbines and it will be generating electricity by 2019.

Wieringermeer Wind Farm facts and figures
The wind farm was constructed through a joint venture between ECN, Nuon and partners, and Windcollectief Wieringermeer.  

Vattenfall will install 82 wind turbines (295 MW) and ECN will install 17 wind turbines. The plan also include one turbine for local residents.

The energy production corresponds to the consumption of 370,000 Dutch households.

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