DENMARK Vattenfall has bought the energy company Vindstø, which offers 100% wind power to Danish consumers.  

In Denmark, Vattenfall has won the three latest large offshore wind farm projects in tough competition with all major global players. Now Vattenfall takes a new step towards Danish consumers by acquiring the sales company Vindstø, which is based on 100% energy from Danish wind turbines and characterised by a lean, IT-savvy organisation translating into very competitive prices for the consumers.

“Offering wind power to private customers is in line with Vattenfall´s strategy to be a leader in sustainable energy production and provide sustainable, convenient and innovative energy solutions to its customers,” says project manager Klaus Lindberg from Vattenfall Consumer Sales Nordic.

New opportunities
“We see an attractive business case in growing the business in Denmark in order for us to reach Danish customers, who want easy access to renewable energy at competitive prices. Vindstø is an innovative, fast-growing company with an attractive profile supplementing our existing wind business in Denmark. Furthermore, Vindstø’s business model is ideal for us as it makes it easy to upscale the customer base. Many processes are automated and Vindstø has an acknowledged IT platform, which has become a business of its own as other energy companies are paying to use the platform, and therefore contributes to keeping down its own IT expenses,” says Lindberg.

Vattenfall has a strong position in Denmark as the biggest onshore wind developer and operator and soon be the largest within offshore as well.

Morten Nissen Nielsen started Vindstø in 2012 and will remain on as managing director of the company, and it will also retain its employees.

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