Sweden Insurance company Skandia and Vattenfall have inaugurated one of the largest onshore wind farms in southern Sweden: the jointly owned Höge Väg wind farm on the outskirts of Kristianstad.  

Höge Väg comprises of 18 wind turbines that supply renewable electricity to households in southern Sweden, which has the largest consumption in the country.

 "Vattenfall currently has 17 wind farm projects at different stages in Sweden. Our ambitious plans for a 100 per cent renewable energy system, in combination with joint investments with Skandia, enable further expansion in Sweden. That's good for our respective customers and it's good for Sweden," said Vattenfall's CFO, Ingrid Bonde, who attended the inauguration ceremony.

Wind power partnership
The inauguration on 10 November is a natural step in the unique wind power partnership that began in December 2014 when the two companies set up a joint company with shared ownership of four wind farms. This was the first time Vattenfall had taken on an investment partner in Sweden, and Skandia, which invests heavily in infrastructure, had not been involved in the energy market before.

"Skandia has successfully increased the amounts it invests in infrastructure and this wind power venture is important for us. By investing in wind power, the returns from pension capital are twofold, one is a return on investment but it also contributes to a more sustainable energy system," said Frans Lindelöw, Skandia's CEO.

Renewable electricity for Skåne
The joint company includes four wind farms: Hjuleberg and Högabjär-Kärsås in Falkenberg municipality, Juktan in Sorsele municipality and Höge Väg. All four are in operation and Hjuleberg was inaugurated in 2014.

Höge Väg, which is located in Maltesholm on the outskirts of Kristianstad, comprises of 18 wind turbines with a total capacity of 38 MW. The wind turbines are expected to generate around 107 GWh annually, and to supply electricity to 12 per cent of the municipality of Kristianstad.

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