Renewables European utilities rank highly among top 100 green power generation companies globally according to an independent industry data analyst. Vattenfall is among the top 20 generators of renewable power capacity.


nergy Intelligence’s (EI) Green Utilities report has been published annually since 2012. It ranks the performance of 100 of the largest power generation companies globally.

The report ranks utilities according to three criteria: carbon intensity (volume of CO2-emissions per MWh of electricity produced), the share of renewable power in their total generating capacity, and the total volume of renewable generating capacity they possess (large hydro excluded).

Vattenfall is number 20 among the top utilities ranked by renewables capacity even though large-scale hydro is excluded from the ranking.
Annika Ramsköld, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall, says: “I think we should be proud to be among the utilities that operate the highest renewable capacity, and we are likely to climb on the ranking list as our strategy is to become a wind power champion by developing 400-600MW of new wind capacity the coming years.”

On the ranking based on carbon emissions and renewable energy, Vattenfall ranks 35.

Spanish utility Acciona is in first place.

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