SCOTLAND The UK Supreme Court on Wednesday (December 16) dismissed American billionaire Donald Trump’s appeal claiming that the consent for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre was unlawful.

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) is a demonstration facility for next generation wind turbines and associated technology. The 11-turbine scheme, located off the Aberdeen coast, will have an installed capacity of up to 100MW.

“Significant step”
The EOWDC is a joint venture between Vattenfall and the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG).

Andy Paine, Project Director and Head of Offshore Development, BA Wind, Vattenfall, welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision.
“This is another significant step forward for the EOWDC. It affirms the scheme’s potential to position Scotland, and particularly the North-east, as a centre of innovative offshore wind power. The project partners remain committed to seeing the EOWDC come to fruition and delivering long-term economic benefits to the region.”

Spoiled view
Donald Trump has opposed the plans for EOWDC and claimed that the offshore wind farm would spoil the view from his luxury development at Menie State which is situated within 3.5 km of the nearest proposed wind turbine.

Trump has made it clear that he will not proceed with his intention of building a luxury hotel and second golf course at Balmedie if the EOWDC is not stopped.

The Supreme Court’s judgment (pdf) 
The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre

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