SWEDEN Stockholm’s new hybrid buses will be fully charged in only six minutes, as super-efficient charging stations will permit ultra-rapid charging.  

It takes half an hour to rapidly charge an electric car. During the same time, five of Stockholm’s eight new hybrid buses can be ready to go. These buses will replace the regular buses on one of the city’s bus line and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90 per cent. 
Vattenfall will supply the buses with wind-generated electricity and will also be responsible for the electrical installations, operation and maintenance.

“We have trained seven service technicians especially for this project. A bus will arrive at the charging station every eighteen minutes, so it is important that it all works efficiently,” says Per Thorin, Vattenfall’s project leader.

Electric and biodiesel power
The chargeable hybrid buses, made by Volvo, have both electric and biodiesel power and form part of a European project designed to reduce noise and emissions from public transport. Electric power suffices for silent and emission-free running on seven of the line’s eight kilometres. With the aid of satellite control, it is automatically started in heavily built-up areas in order to reduce noise and air pollution.

The bus is recharged at the terminus before returning. To begin with there will be a 150 kW charging station at the terminus in Ropsten and a second one will be installed before summer.

Electric operation opens up new opportunities for urban planners, as the buses can be used within shopping centres, hospital areas and other places which had previously been off-limits to traffic.

“The infrastructure for electrification is important to ensure cleaner and quieter public transport. Vattenfall’s participation in the project allows us to demonstrate the fuel of the future along a whole bus line in heavy traffic,” says Andreas Regnell, Head of Strategy for Vattenfall Nordic.

The EU project aims to evaluate chargeable hybrid buses in scheduled service and will run for two years, after which the operation will be taken over by SL.

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