Sweden During the Project Management Summit 2017 in Sweden, the Magnum Superbattery Project was awarded the Vattenfall Project Excellence Award 2017.

The Vattenfall Project Excellence Award was introduced in 2016 to support the sharing of knowledge across projects and to acknowledge great achievements of project teams across the Vattenfall Group.

Frank Zabel, Director of Project Governance, comments:

“It was amazing to see the wide range of submitted projects across the Vattenfall Group. The award is a great tool for sharing best practices, but also for learning how project members have managed to master blowbacks and challenges.”

This year, projects were asked to outline their role in shaping the future, in line with the theme of the Project Management Summit 2017.

“Projects are the vehicles of change and it’s important to realize that Vattenfall’s vision to become fossil free within one generation will be primarily accomplished via projects. Therefore, we choose “Enabling innovation – how projects shape the future” as theme for this year’s Summit and for the award,” Zabel says.

Overcapacity stored in hydrogen or ammonia
The winner of this year’s Project Excellence Award is the Magnum Superbattery Project. The idea is to store renewable energy during times of overcapacity in the form of hydrogen or ammonia, and to use this energy again in a gas fired-power plant when there is insufficient supply of electricity from wind and solar sources.

“This concept is unique,” Zabel says. “It is about how our existing assets can contribute to the energy transition. In close collaboration with external partners, a completely new value chain has been developed around the Magnum Powerplant in Eemshaven, the Netherlands. It is a project which clearly supports the Vattenfall purpose.”

Jeffrey Haspels, Project Manager of the winning project says:

“As an organization, we are in a process of change. Therefore, it is extremely important that we keep innovating and are able to continue working on these kinds of projects. In addition, it is, of course, very nice to get recognition for what we do.”

Jeffrey Haspels, Project Manager and Geert Laagland Director of Engineering, OU Heat Projects.  

A team effort
The prize to the winning project was presented on 21 November at the Project Management Summit in Bro north of Stockholm, by the Head Coach of the Swedish Cross Country Ski team, Rikard Grip.

 “We asked Rikard to join because we see many similarities between project management and sports,” Zabel says. “During the award ceremony, we are presenting the award to only one or two colleagues. But their success wouldn’t have been possible without a great team around them. That’s important to bear in mind.”

Projects from all over the Vattenfall Group were submitted for the award. The Vattenfall Project Management Model Reference Group members acted as award selection committee.

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