Super battery to power houses on the way

John Naughton speculates in The Guardian about Tesla founder Elon Musk developing a battery technology that can store enough electricity to power an entire home.  

“Our global future depends on finding a way of generating electricity without burning ever more fossil fuel or building nuclear power stations at an improbable rate. We know how to generate electricity with so-called renewable sources – wind power and solar cells, for example. The problem is that renewable sources have variable outputs and presently don’t provide the stable, baseline electrical supply on which society depends.
But what if we had a way of storing the power that flows from renewables when they are generating so that we could have it available when they aren’t?

Elon Musk has been building a huge factory to make such batteries. Until recently, most people assumed that his new factory would be making improved batteries merely for powering electric vehicles.

But if the rumour mill is correct, Musk has set his sights higher – on new battery technology that would make it possible efficiently to store the quantities of electric power needed to run modern homes.”

The Guardian

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