SWEDEN Vattenfall has now become the first electricity company in Sweden to give customers the opportunity to choose solar power as the energy source for their domestic electricity.

Vattenfall's customers can already choose how their electricity is generated. The customers have been able to choose between renewable hydro power and wind power, nuclear power or a mix of energy sources.

Swedish retail customers can now also choose solar power.

 "This is a natural step in our offer to new and existing customers. We have noted an increasing interest in solar power. It therefore feels particularly good to be the first electricity company to offer solar power to those who want it," says Jonas Stenbeck, Head of Vattenfall Sales in Sweden.

”First step”
Vattenfall does not currently have any generation of solar electricity in Sweden. The company will purchase solar electricity, primarily from Italy and Belgium, but has also initiated a collaboration with two Swedish solar electricity producers.

One of the solar farms, Kuddby Power Solar farm, is located between Norrköping and Söderköping and the other one, Österlenvind AB's solar cell facility, is in Simrishamn in the south of Sweden.

Vattenfall will purchase all the solar electricity they generate and is actively looking for more Swedish producers.

 "The venture in Sweden is a first step, which we are hoping will meet the customers' expectations. Vattenfall's overall strategy is to shift to more renewables and solar energy will play an important role. Hopefully, high demand will lead to increased generation in Sweden too, with more solar electricity producers," says Jonas Stenbeck.

Guaranteed solar electricity
The Guaranties of Origin system will ensure that Vattenfall can guarantee the source of the solar power that the customers buy.

Solar power in Wales
Vattenfall’s first large-scale solar farm generated power for the first time at the end of March this year. The facility in Wales, which covers an area of about eight hectares, consists of over 18,500 panels with a capacity of over 4.99 MW. It will generate 5.5 GWh of electricity annually, which is enough to provide 1,440 British homes with renewable electricity.

Swedish Energy Agency (in Swedish)
Vattenfall and solar power (in Swedish)
Lights on at solar farm in Wales


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