UK Vattenfall will start to build its first large-scale solar power farm in the UK at end of January. To optimise the business case and take advantage of existing infrastructure, the solar farm will be built next to a wind site.

The solar farm has a capacity of 5 megawatts and is located right next to the operational wind farms Pendine and Parc Cynog, which brings certain advantages, according to Claus Wattendrup, manager for Business Development within Business Area Wind.

"Wind and solar is a great match as the sun shines in the summer while winter is generally the windy season. By constructing the solar farm next to a wind farm we get a number of synergies as we can use the wind farm’s roads for transport and the existing grid access for joint feed-in from both solar and wind. Also, as we already have good relations with the land owners we can build upon that when it comes to land lease,” says Claus Wattendrup.

The final investment decision was taken just before Christmas, following a British government decision on a new renewable obligation scheme. The solar power farm will be competed in March. It will cover 20 acres and provide renewable power to 1440 homes based on a UK power consumption average.  The investment will broaden Vattenfall’s renewable portfolio.

“Solar is a proven technology and costs are coming down fast,” says Claus Wattendrup. “We will also go more into decentralised solar power, and help our customers with planning, building and operating photovoltaic rooftop installations. Generation from solar power will increase in the next years and is a growth area for Vattenfall.”

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