netherlands Nuon plans to install solar panels at Wieringermeer wind farm. It is approximately 30 MW of solar panels, which includes 120,000 panels that can supply energy to 10,000 households. Through a pilot project, options and opportunities will be studied and research will be done into the combination of solar and wind energy. The municipality of Hollands Kroon has indicated that they want to collaborate in this project.


n England, Vattenfall is experienced in installing solar panels at wind farms. The wind and the sun go hand in hand well and they complement each other, because the sun shines in summer and there is a lot of wind in winter. Solar energy also underpins Vattenfall’s ambitions in achieving its sustainability goals. In the Netherlands, Nuon wants to investigate the opportunities to fit in solar panels in a most scenic-friendly way.

Movable panels
The panels will be put close to the turbine platforms, since the platforms and foundations for the construction of wind turbines are already in place, yet hardly used. Vattenfall plans to construct movable solar panels that can be taken away if maintenance is required to the wind turbines.

"By building a solar farm in a wind farm, we achieve synergies. We are making very good use of two renewable sources: wind and sun. The roads at the wind farm are used for transportation and the existing network connections are used to operate both sun and wind energy, " says Sven Kamphues, Nuon’s Wind project manager. "We plan to put the panels next to our 50 wind turbines. At the same time, we look at some other places in the area where we may place the remaining panels to achieve the 30 MW. "

Together with the environmental council of the municipality of Wieringermeer, wind farm will look at the opportunity to offer  co-ownership for local residents. So that local residents can also benefit from the proceeds of the solar farm.

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