SWEDEN The long, colourful procession winding its way through central Stockholm was fringed by half a million onlookers. It demonstrated everyone’s right to equality with music, dance and whoops of joy.

A fantastic experience – and important,” said Annika Viklund, Head of Distribution, who joined some sixty Vattenfall employees and their families and friends to take part in the parade.

“Vattenfall is in favour of diversity and we want to show that on a day such as this when diversity and inclusion are centre-stage. By taking part we aim to show our support and respect,” said Annika Viklund, who is also Vattenfall’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

A total of 197 organisations, companies, trade unions, human rights agencies and political parties took part in this year’s Pride Parade – forty more than last year.

Vattenfall’s procession included Henric Larsson, customer and market analyst at Electricity Distribution, who was Vattenfall’s LGBTQ association’s representative for the day. It promotes increased understanding that people are all different and everyone is needed.

“Perhaps some day we will reach a point when the association is no longer needed,” said Henric Larsson.

Video with interviews from this year´s Pride Parade

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