Netherlands Bikers now dare to use the bicycle tunnel in Dutch Weesp again. The formerly gloomy and creepy tunnel has been refurbished by Nuon to improve safety and comfort.

The bicycle was officially reopened on Tuesday 19 April. This is the fourth bicycle tunnel that Nuon has refurbished with improved safety.

Studies show that one in five people know of a poorly lit or run-down bicycle tunnel and are afraid to ride through it. This fear is not unfounded – scientific studies have shown a direct connection between poorly maintained bicycle tunnels and criminal activity.

That is the reason why Nuon issued a call last year to name the scariest bicycle tunnels in the Netherlands, so they could be refurbished. The bicycle tunnel in Weesp, just outside Amsterdam, was ranked amongst the five worst bicycle tunnels in the Netherlands.

Work of art
"We want to encourage positive changes and show that we are always there for our customers. We realise that people find it unpleasant to ride through run-down bicycle tunnels, so we decided to look for a way to improve the situation. That's why we started this campaign to name the worst bicycle tunnels in the Netherlands," says Cindy Kroon, Director Customers at Nuon.

 "Now the bicycle tunnel in Weesp has been transformed into a work of art that everyone in the town can be proud of."

The Weesp tunnel is the fourth make-over implemented by Nuon in the Netherlands. The first was the Burgerspoort bicycle tunnel in Almere. It was followed by Asten-Someren and Bergschenhoek. A run-down bicycle tunnel in Utrecht is next on the list.

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