Netherlands The number of electric cars sold almost doubled in Europe in 2015 compared to the previous year. In the Netherlands sales exploded during the last quarter of 2015.

On 1 January 2016, the Dutch incentive scheme for electric vehicles (EVs) changed and became less favourable for buyers.

Joris Hupperets, Director for e-mobility at Nuon, explains that the change is the main driver for the surge in sales of EVs during the last quarter of 2015.

“The tax scheme for full electric vehicles is unchanged per 1 January 2016. For plug-in hybrids it changed from a 7 per cent tax to 15 per cent of the vehicle’s value for company cars. This makes us expect a slowdown in sales of plug-in hybrids during this year and 2017 in the Netherlands.”

Surpassed Norway
Sales of EVs exploded in the Netherlands in December 2015. 15,900 electric vehicles were registered during the month.

The corresponding number for the full year was 43,300 plug-in vehicles.

“This made the Netherlands the largest market for EVs in Europe. But Norway is still the market leader as far as the share of the total auto market that EVs have,” says Hupperets.

Sales doubled
Nearly 200,000 EVs were delivered to buyers in Europe during 2015 which was roughly double compared to the year before. Apart from the Netherlands, sales of EVs also grew substantially in the UK, Germany and Sweden.

“Good position”
For Nuon the increasing number of EVs on the Dutch roads means that the company will scale up its e-mobility initiatives.

 “We look at how we can facilitate a continued growth of EVs. It obviously means a growing demand for more charging points, both in public areas and for businesses. We are in a good position to further strengthen our position as a provider of convenient charging solutions,” says Hupperets.

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