Sweden Drivers of electric cars will not have to suffer range anxiety when Vattenfall launches the ”inCharge” charging network, a joint network with thousands of charging stations in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

Range anxiety - the fear of draining the battery - is the electric car driver's dilemma. Finding a parking place with a charging post can be difficult.

Together with a number of other players, Vattenfall is now taking an overall approach and putting together a complete charging solution. inCharge is the name of Vattenfall's new venture within E-Mobility, which will make things simpler and easier for both electric car drivers and local charging station owners which offer electric car charging.

inCharge app
Electric car drivers which sign up to inCharge can use their smartphones to see where the closest charging station is located and how many chargers are free. The mobile app also displays charging history; where and how much electricity has been charged.

"inCharge represents the next step in the development of e-motoring. Electric car drivers will be able to drive further with their electric car and simply charge using the inCharge app, a charging card or a charging fob at all affiliated charging stations in Sweden, Germany or The Netherlands," says Susanna Hurtig, Head of E-mobility Nordic at Vattenfall.

Overall solution with Vattenfall
If they affiliate to inCharge, municipalities, local electricity companies and shops which currently offer charging of electric vehicles will avoid all practical work in terms of invoicing, service and maintenance of their facility.

"Vattenfall offers everything, from ‘start to finish’, and with its expertise can assume responsibility for both development and operation of charging posts and simultaneously provide a complete business system with full customer support," says Hurtig.

Carl-Oscar Sandin, affärsutvecklare för E-Mobility på Vattenfall:

"We take care of the operation of charging stations and manage the payment streams between those who charge their cars and between the different charging station owners. The charging station owner sets the price for charging and then keeps the entire profit. We charge a monthly fee for providing this service."

MORE information
The newly started Facebook page, inCharge Sverige, displays the latest news, as does the new website beincharge.se.

InCharge Sverige

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