SYDNEY/DARWIN There is great relief to everyone involved in the solar race of the Nuon Solar Team in Australia: the missing solar car battery of Nuna9 flew with a cargo flight from Malaysia Airlines to Sydney, Australia, in the night of 11 to 12 september.

As you could read earlier, the solar car itself arrived safely, but the battery stayed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for two weeks, then went via Moscow to Singapore and stranded there to be transported some days later by truck to Kuala Lumpur. Airlines become reluctant to transport batteries by recent accidents with batteries; even if they are not-loaded. It took the team already a lot of struggling to get the battery via Moscow in Singapore.

The team received tips from all over the world on how the battery still could arrive on time and even the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science informed whether and how they could help solve the battery problem. In the end Malaysian Airlines took care of the transport of the battery with a cargo flight.

Nuon of course was also very sympathetic with the team and that is not passed unnoticed. That is why the team placed a fun post on social media (Twitter, instagram and Facebook) to thank everyone.

The battery is now driven by truck from the airport from Sydney to Darwin, the start city of the Bridgestone Solar World Challenge. And that takes a while, because the battery will still need about 4000 kilometers and is expected only around 17 september. The team is waiting in suspense meantime, because if the battery arrives they can only really start testing their solar car. Team leader Sander Koot:"We are now above all relieved, but are really very happy if we get the battery actually handed over in Darwin. And then we can test Nuna properly and make sure that we can catch up the test time we lost."

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