Netherlands  Electric car owners in the south of the Netherlands gets easier charging access.

Nuon and its partner Heijmans have won a contract to install and operate almost 2500 public charging points in 65 municipalities in two provinces in the south of the Netherlands. The installation starts in March this year and will be completed by the end of 2018.

In the Netherlands, two out of three households do not have a private garage or parking  space and are therefore designated to public charging once they own an electric vehicle. The two southern provinces, Noord Brabant and Limburg,  have around 3.6 million inhabitants and the increased charging possibilities is expected to help further raise the interest in owning an electric vehicle.

“Our contract with the municipalities is for ten to twelve years and we expect to see a significant growth in the number of electric vehicles during that time,” says Joris Hupperets, director for Vattenfall’s e-mobility activities in the Netherlands and Germany.

The charging points are installed by Heijmans while Vattenfall/Nuon provides the energy and the customer handling.

Already today Vattenfall/Nuon operates  5,000 charging points in the Netherlands serving  15,000 electric cars monthly. These charging points are primarily placed in cities, including Amsterdam, and at business locations.

The Netherlands has the world’s second highest market share for electric vehicles. Only Norway has a higher market share.

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