Netherlands Amsterdam has ambitious plans to increase the number of public charging points for electrical vehicles. Nuon has together with partner Heijmans been awarded a contract to realize the city council’s plans of 4,000 public charging points by 2018.

Over the past five years, some 1,500 public charging points have been installed in Amsterdam, and every month more than 2 million kilometres are charged using these charging points in more than 30,000 visits.

The City Council plans to increase the number of charging points to 4,000 by 2018 and has awarded Nuon together with technology partner Heijmans the contract for expanding the charging network.

The charging points will be fed with renewable electricity generated from the Windpoort wind farm which is operated by Nuon and Windgroep Holland.

“Make a difference”
Martijn Hagens, COO Nuon, and Senior Vice President, Business Area Customers & Solutions Vattenfall, says: “Electrification is an important part of our efforts to reduce CO2-emissions. Since the power for the charging points comes from renewable sources, we really can make a difference here for the city of Amsterdam.”

Management and operation
Nuon has been involved in Amsterdam's e-mobility initiatives since 2009. Together with Heijmans, the energy supplier already manages the majority of the public charging points in the city.

From now on the partners will  be responsible for the management and operation of all existing and new  charging points over the next seven years.

2016 will also see the launch of a trial which involves linking the charging speed to the amount of wind energy generated.

Cleaner air
Amsterdam Councillor Abdeluheb Choho says: “We must make the air in Amsterdam cleaner, for the health of all Amsterdam's residents and the attractiveness of our city. The step we're currently taking demonstrates that electric transport will become a key feature in Amsterdam over the next few years. The awarding of this contract for further expansion of the charging network means that everyone will be able to drive emission-free by 2025.”

Vattenfall and e-mobility
About Heijmans (in English)

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