Netherlands In honour of Nuon's participation in two weeks of EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam, the Hemweg plant chimney will be illuminated in the colours of the rainbow until Sunday 7 August. The Hemweg 8 chimney in the western port area is the tallest structure in Amsterdam, meaning that people all over the city will be able to see the light show.

The Nuon chimney has shown its fun side several times over the years, such as when the plant was officially opened in 1994 by King Willem-Alexander, who was Crown Prince at the time. The chimney marked this occasion accordingly by producing plumes of orange smoke. However, the chimney also has its opponents: Greenpeace demonstrators once scaled the chimney in an anti-coal protest.

Energy for all
Martijn Hagens, COO of Nuon, explains: "With our single remaining coal power plant, we have long been a part of the public debate about fossil fuels. This is a good thing. After all, we too are aware that coal is finite. As well as talking to the authorities about how we can make our plant greener, we are discussing bringing the closure date forward. To demonstrate Nuon's social commitment and show that you can be yourself around us, Nuon is pleased to participate in EuroPride. We thought it would be a fun idea to use our chimney in a creative way in order to add to the positive energy in the city. Diversity should be celebrated and Nuon is doing so through its campaign – It doesn’t matter who you are: energy for all!"

Pink Power
This July and August, pink is the new green at Nuon. During these two months, Nuon's existing "Green Energy from the Netherlands" package for customers will come with a Pink Power label. For every new customer that signs up, we will make a donation to "Young & School", a campaign promoting acceptance of LGBT children in schools.

It doesn't matter who you are
Diversity and inclusion are part of Nuon's DNA. Nuon employees have been active in this area for years, including through their membership to Workplace Pride and the Step2Work employment programme.
- Taking part in EuroPride is a logical step, as this is another way for us to show that we are part of society and against all forms of discrimination, says Martijn Hagens.

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