Netherlands Nuon has been awarded a contract by the city of Utrecht to double the number of charging points in the city by 2020. Together with partner Heijmans, Nuon will also be responsible for operating the new charging posts and supplying them with renewable electricity.

Utrecht has ambitious targets to grow electrified transport in the city. By around 2020, Utrecht aims to have some 10,000 electric vehicles in the city – six times the current number.

As part of the ambitions, Utrecht recently awarded Nuon together with Dutch construction firm Heijmans the assignment to double the number of public charging points in the city to 600 by 2020.

Nuon’s wind farms will feed the charging points with renewable electricity.

Real time availability
Joris Hupperets, Director for e-mobility at Nuon, says:
“This deal allows us to further strengthen our position as a provider of convenient charging solutions. Several innovations will be implemented in Utrecht, allowing electric vehicle drivers to charge at a lower cost and based on real time availability of electricity from renewable sources.”

From 2017, charging card holders will be able to specify their individual charging preferences using their smartphones: fast, cheap or simply with available sustainable energy.

Usage data will also be available, which will enable Utrecht to further improve the services it provides to drivers of electric vehicles. Users will be able to report faults through the Nuon Charging Points app. Real-time information on the availability of charging points will also be provided.

The app will also encourage social charging: it will allow users to communicate with other users about their expected departure time and their desire to use a particular charging post.

More to come
Nuon has been involved in metropolitan e-mobility initiatives since 2009. Having recently been awarded a contract by Amsterdam City Council, the company is now about to start work in Utrecht. “This is part of our e-mobility strategy to be a leading charging solution provider. We expect to further expand this line of business to other cities,” says Hupperets.

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