New technology improves efficiency of solar cells

Solar cells ”Turbo” can increase the efficiency of solar cells by 50 percent

The Swedish development company Sol Voltaics has developed a nano film that can significantly increase the efficiency of solar cells. The film contains nano wires and are made of a transparent polymer that is attached on top of a conventional solar cell. Test have shown that a solar cell coated with a nano film can increase its production by 50 percent or more.

“This is fantastic progress. Standard solar cells with an efficiency of 16-17 percent can be boosted up to 27 percent. Yet the cost of the finished solar cells are no more than 10-15 percent”, says Lars Samuelsson, Professor of Solid State Physics at Lund University who led the research behind the company.

Unique to the Sun Voltaics technology is a cheap method to produce nano wires. In addition, the company has successfully developed a way of alignment and orientation of the wires within the film to capture a maximum of light. Nano wires generally contain gallium arsenide that act as “antennas” that capture sunlight.

Within a year, the films will be tested at Sol Voltaics’ international partners. The company has just captured 140 million SEK in venture capital. The money comes, among others, from the Saudi Arabian venture capital company Riyadh Valley Company. As well as the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU research program Horizon 2020.

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