United kingdom Permission granted for 170 MW of wind power in South Kyle.

South Kyle Wind Farm, Vattenfall’s 50 turbine, 170MW onshore wind project located in south west Scotland, was recently permitted by the Scottish Government. The wind farm could be completed and delivering renewable power in 2021. 

Guy Mortimer, the Head of Onshore Wind Development in the UK, said: “Gaining planning permission from the Scottish Government for a large onshore wind farm like South Kyle is a big achievement. The decision and the process up to this point is not without risk and so this successful outcome is testament to the highly skilled and experienced team who charted this project through occasional choppy water.”

Provided an investment decision is taken, South Kyle will make a big contribution to Vattenfall’s climate smarter objectives with competitively priced power and will at the same time be part of Scotland’s ambitious plans for reducing carbon emissions.

Gunnar Groebler, Head of BA Wind, said: “We should not underestimate what it takes to get a planning permission for such a big onshore wind farm. I would like to congratulate the whole team for getting the project to this stage. There is strength in Vattenfall’s UK onshore wind pipeline – even if there are some regulatory issues we have to consider – and I am confident that we will realise our UK potential and support delivery of our 2025 target: to triple our installed capacity of wind power to 7 gigawatts.”

South Kyle could be the first Vattenfall wind farm in the UK to secure a community investment in line with Scottish Government guidance and Vattenfall’s own partnering principles. Discussions about a potential offer to the local community to invest in the wind farm with a possible interest of 5 percent are ongoing.

“The community share offer, or some kind of local ownership, is a really interesting part of this project and we are keen, in partnership with local stakeholders, to make this work. People in the area are set to benefit from South Kyle and this was an ingredient in winning local support for South Kyle and ultimately this planning permission”, commented Guy Mortimer. 

South Kyle Wind Farm web site 

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