Netherlands 16 students from Delft University of Technology have been appointed to work on designing and building Nuna9, the ninth iteration of Nuon's solar car project. The team will enter the new solar car in the World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2017. 

Nuon has been a sponsor of the Nuon Solar Team since 2001 and is supporting a team of students - from Delft University of Technology who are tasked with building a new solar car every two years and preparing for the world solar car race. The contract was signed today in the presence of the project's fans: the employees at Nuon.

"We are more than happy to support the creativity and enduring motivation of this group of young people," says Nuon’s sponsor manager Roos ten Hove. "Over the years, the Nuon Solar Team has provided us with new energy in our work. And our colleagues at Nuon are behind the team all the way."

The Nuon Solar Team will now work on designing and building the new Nuna solar car, so that they will be ready for next year's world car solar race through 3,000 kilometres of Australian landscape.

Sander Koot, the new team leader, is pleased with the sponsorship:

"This is the ninth time that Nuon will be the main sponsor of this project. That equates to a commitment of more than 16 years. This is something we value highly. This sponsorship will enable us to build our solar car and turn our dreams and aspirations into reality."

Nuon Solar Team

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