Germany Instead of disposing of old office furnishings in Berlin, Vattenfall decided to offer them to non-profit organisations

Office furniture, wall planners, whiteboards and flipcharts left behind after Vattenfall’s departure from the Puschkinallee office building in Berlin found new homes in charity organisations on 30 June, when about 50 representatives from non-profit organisations visited the site and took away useful items. The grateful recipients included the Ronald McDonald House for seriously ill children, Technische Hilfswerk (the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), a student newspaper association, an association which supports homeless people, the YMCA, and a relief organisation for street kids. There the furnishings of a former Vattenfall conference room will become part of a library.

Foto: Vattefall

Foto: Vattefall

The training rooms of Technische Hilfswerk now have wall planners, whiteboards and flipcharts.

Barbara Meifert from BU Heat in Berlin explains the rationale behind the decision: “When we left our old Berlin headquarters, we had to leave a lot of office furnishings behind. The new building owner would dispose of everything, but we could see the value of leftover items that might simply be discarded. What should we do? Should we sell the office furnishings? We discussed the costs and benefits among Facility Management, HR and Communications. There was no way we could manage a second-hand sale with a profitable result, so finally we decided to look for non-profit organisations that could use the furnishings and in that way help Berliners who help others.”

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