NETHERLANDS In the Netherlands, another huge wind farm is on its way to becoming reality. The Wieringermeer wind farm will consist of almost one hundred turbines and offer an output of up to 350 MW – on land.

Nuon recently received final permission from the involved national and local governments to construct the 350 MW wind farm in the Wieringermeerpolder, 60 km north of Amsterdam.

Once completed, Windpark Wieringermeer will be one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands, almost three times bigger than the Princess Alexia wind farm inaugurated in 2013. Even compared to offshore wind farms Wieringermeer will be huge – for example the new Dan Tysk wind farm has an output of 288 MW.

The permits and the zoning plan are now open for appeal at the Council of State which is the final stage in the permitting procedure. The decision by the Council is expected in April 2016, and the construction start is scheduled to 2017.

The Wieringermeer wind farm is a repowering project. Fifty of its 99 turbines will be owned by Nuon, while the rest are owned by local farmers and the Dutch National Energy Research Centre.

Margit Deimel, Head of Development in the Netherlands within Business Area Wind says:“This is a huge step for Vattenfall and for onshore wind in the Netherlands. With these permits, we can start preparations for the investment decision, expected in 2016.”

The 99 turbines will require an investment of 400 to 500 million euro.

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