SWEDEN Companies and property owners in Sweden can now purchase a charging box and easily charge their customers for charging their vehicles. Cars are charged ten times faster than with a standard wall socket.

With the new charging solution Laddbox Online (Charging Box Online), companies, municipalities, shopping centres, coop housing associations and others can purchase their own charging box from Vattenfall which then manages installation and administration.

"We are setting a new precedence for vehicle charging in Sweden with this product. Hopefully it leads to an improved charging infrastructure in the country," says Nazif Gulsen, product and business developer at Vattenfall Sales in Sweden.

Paid for or free charging
Buyers only have to take care of the payments. The charger provides up to 22 kW, depending on the connection current and car make. In comparison a 10 A socket at home provides just over 2 kW. Vattenfall's own fast charging stations in Stockholm and surrounding area provide up to 50 kW.

As with the fast charging stations, Vattenfall's charging cards are required to use the charging boxes. But owners of the charging box decide themselves who is given access to the charger and who will be charged for the service.

"It is possible to envisage a situation where a real estate company allows its employees to charge their company vehicles free of charge but where tenants have to pay for the service," says Nazif Gulsen.

Vattenfall can also manage payment services and invoice users. All charging sessions are otherwise registered and administered via an online portal, where those using the box are monitored and how much power they have used.

The charging box has a feature that prevents electricity grid overload when there is a large number of simultaneous users.

The charging box itself costs about 1,500 euros including VAT and installation fees.

A similar solution is for sale since last autumn by Vattenfall's subsidiary Nuon in the Netherlands. Already around a hundred chargers have been sold and installed. A similar solution is sold by Vattenfall in Germany.

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