DENMARK All 22 turbines are now in place at the Klim wind farm on northwest Jutland - Denmark's largest onshore wind farm which will supply 64,000 households with renewable electricity. 

The 22 new 3.2 MW turbines from Siemens replace 35 600 kW turbines that have been in operation for 18 years in, up to now, Vattenfall's largest repowering project in the Nordic region. 

Klim is expected to be operating at full strength by the end of September and will then be able to supply 64,000 Danish households with renewable electricity. 

Good dialog
Vattenfall owns 21 of the Klim turbines, with the last one owned by local investors.
“We can look back on a project where preparations, environmental investigations, local authority collaboration and dialog with both government officials and the local community were good. There were few objections to the work which enabled us to carry it out successfully,” says Arne Rahbek, Communications Manager at Vattenfall Vindkraft in Denmark. 

The work to dismantle the old turbines started in June 2014. They have been exported for instance to Italy and Ireland where there are more favourable conditions to generate electricity from smaller turbines. 

The new Direct Drive turbines lack a gearbox and are lighter than conventional turbines. 

Klim will generate 256,000 MWh annually which corresponds to electricity for 64,000 households. 


Video - Klim repowering

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