China to triple solar power

Renewable energy Capacity to increase by 15-20 gigawatts yearly.

China has announced plans to increase its solar power capacity by 15 to 20 gigawatts during the next five years. In 2016 the country plans to increase wind power capacity by 20 GW and solar power by 15 gigawatts, a total increase by 21 percent compared with today.

China is currently the world’s biggest producer of carbon emissions. At the same time China is the world’s biggest clean energy investor. At the end of 2016 the country is expected to have a total capacity of 120 gigawatts of wind power, 43 gigawatts of solar, and 320 gigawatts of hydro power, according to the National Energy Agency (NEA).

To accommodate the clean energy additions, China will also promote the construction of electricity networks. The nation plans to raise a surcharge slapped onto electricity bills by about 27 percent to 0.019 yuan a kilowatt-hour in order to finance the expansion of renewables. 

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