united kingdom Vattenfall has decided to build a combined wind farm and technology development centre off the Scottish coast.

The wind farm, known as the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) will generate a total of 92.4 MW and consist of eleven turbines at a cost of more than SEK 3 billion. Apart from generating electricity, the farm will also be a centre for testing and developing new technologies for offshore wind power.

“We aim to double our wind power capacity from 2 to 4 GW by 2020 and are focusing on reducing and streamlining our offshore wind power costs. Our investment in the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre off the coast of Aberdeen is an important part of this process. By building a wind farm that is also an innovative plant for testing and demonstrating new and advanced wind technology, we are developing our expertise and contributing to establishing north-east Scotland as an international innovation centre for offshore wind technology,” says Magnus Hall, CEO and President of Vattenfall.

In Britain to stay
The decision to invest in the EOWDC comes only a few weeks after the British referendum on leaving the EU and demonstrates Vattenfall’s continuing long-term commitment to wind power in the UK.

“This project highlights our long-term aim to extend our wind power capacity in Britain. The British government wants wind power to continue to make up a significant part of the country’s climate-neutral electricity generation. We aim to be a part of this development and grow in Britain. Above all we believe that the British and Scottish governments will continue to support the growth of offshore wind power in line with the ongoing reduction of the associated costs,” says Magnus Hall.

The Scottish government granted approval for building the wind farm in Aberdeen Bay in 2013. After a due process of appeal, the project was finally given the go-ahead in December 2015.

Completion date: 2018
Geo-technical surveys of the seabed off the coast of Aberdeen began earlier this year. The construction of the wind farm is expected to start in the latter part of next year so that it can start generating electricity from spring 2018.

The project for building the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre was projected together with a local partner, the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group. In line with earlier agreements, Vattenfall will acquire the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group’s shares and become the sole owner.

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