Sweden Annika Viklund, Head of Vattenfall Distribution, summarises her time as Diversity& Inclusion Officer, as she is leaving the position as planned after two years.

Annika Viklund was appointed Diversity & Inclusion Officer by CEO Magnus Hall in spring 2015 to drive issues related to increased diversity and inclusion at Vattenfall, in accordance with the strategy presented by Executive Group Management. The two-year appointment comes to an end on 30 June and Tuomo Hatakka will then take over.

What do you think it means in terms of diversity to have a designated Diversity & Inclusion Officer?
"I would like to think that it shows that a clear stance has been taken, both internally and externally, where we focus on developing, and intend to implement measures to make us more inclusive and diverse as a company. I think it has opened the door to dialogue about the issue within the industry and been a platform for our diversity work in the Vattenfall Group."

Any specific memory you are taking with you?
"There are many, but the commitment shown by our employees to make a difference and participate in the various activities makes me especially glad, the will to discuss diversity issues through email, phone calls and direct meetings. I will particularly remember the Pride parades in Stockholm and Amsterdam where more and more employees are getting involved every year and parading to show that Vattenfall wants to support the rights of LGBT people."

"Of course, receiving the Diversity Officer of the year award for 2017 from Chef magazine will always be one of my proudest moments."

What achievements are you most proud of?
"I am proud of how so many people are involved in the issue of diversity, that we have a clear D&I strategy with measurable targets and that we speak more often about the importance and benefit of having different, diverse groups at work. That we take a clear stance to support diversity among energy providers."

Anything that you are disappointed with?
"No, I am actually expectant that we will all make progress in this development and further extend the concept and continue with the work to create a more inclusive company."

What advice would you give to your successor Tuomo Hatakka, if he were to ask you?
"To discover his own way to get people involved with the issues he feels strongly about. This role has been the source of immense pleasure and I am convinced that he will do an excellent job. I will also be a staunch supporter of these issues as they have a profound place in my heart."

Meet Vattenfall's new D&I Officer Tuomo Hatakka


The most important initiatives to increase diversity in the past two years:

  • D&I Strategy developed.
  • D&I Labs/workshops for each Business Area/Staff Function Management Teams have been conducted
  • Each EGM member have made a personal D&I commitment
  • D&I Labs starting do cascade to other management teams and groups of employees
  • Focus on diversity in recruitment processes
  • Focus on diversity in Management planning
  • Every Business Area/Staff Function has established their own Business Rationale with specific D&I targets in the D&I Labs/workshops
  • Refugee initiative - Vattenfall has joined the 100-club and Sweden Together in cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen, which means that over the course of three years, Vattenfall will offer at least 100 internships to newly arrived people
  • Participation in Pride parades in different cities/towns
  • Female sponsoring program
  • Mentoring programs – Qraftsamling, Mitt Liv, Ruter Dam
  • Prayer/Contemplation/Meditation room in Arenastaden
  • Review and further Implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (2017)
  • Pilot measuring ethnicity in Sweden carried out by BA Generation fall 2016 and will be done for all Swedish employees in 2017
  • D&I perspective in My Opinion
  • D&I perspective in new principles
  • In the past three years the share of female managers has increased from 18 percent to 22 percent in 2016. In comparison, the share of female employees was 25 percent.
  • Cooperation with external partners; e.g. Pride, Catalyst, Diversity Charter/Charta de Vielfalt, Diversity Challenge-internship, Mitt Liv, Qraftsamling, Step2Work, I-MPOWER, Giving Back, Opportunity in Bedriif, Gender Dax companies

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