DENMARK Wind turbine number 6 in the Danish offshore wind farm of Horns Rev 1 recently became one of the first in the world to have generated 100,000,000 kWh of electricity, equivalent to a whole year’s consumption by a small Danish town.

The turbine, rated at 2 MW, started operation in 2002 and has now generated an output corresponding to a year’s consumption by households in the town of Vejle.

The offshore wind farm of Horns Rev 1 off the west coast of Jutland has eighty turbines, and in the next few months the other turbines will also reach the same high output as number 6 recorded on 6 May this year.

“The reason why turbine number 6 was the first to reach 100 million kilowatt hours, or 100 GWh, is that it is located in the western part of the wind farm where wind conditions are particularly favourable. It has also had fewer operational stops than the other turbines in that part of Horns Rev 1 since the farm was inaugurated 13 years ago,” says Jan Jörgensen, Head of Vattenfall’s operations centre in Esbjerg, which monitors the Group’s approximately thousand wind turbines in various countries.

“Another two of our turbines have reached 97 and 96 GWh respectively, so these and the rest of the 77 wind turbines in Horns Rev 1 will reach the magic figure of 100 GWh in the next few months,” says Jan Jörgensen.

The turbines in Horns rev 1 are of the Vestas V80 2 MW type and have a rated operating life of 20 years. Horns Rev 1 is 60 per cent owned by Vattenfall, who is also responsible for its operation and maintenance, while Danish operator Dong Energy owns the other 40 per cent.

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