Netherlands A 43 kilometre long underground pipeline that transports industrial residual heat from the port of Rotterdam to the city of Leiden and on to Heineken in Zoeterwoude - the largest brewery in Europe - is one step closer realization.

Nuon, Heineken Netherlands, the municipalities of Rotterdam and Leiden, Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam (the Rotterdam Heat Supply) and the province of Zuid Holland have made an important step towards the realization of the "Leiden Region Heat supply” project. The six parties signed a Declaration of Intent on 4 April.

This brings the construction of a 43 kilometre long underground pipeline a step closer. The pipeline transports industrial residual heat from the port of Rotterdam to the city of Leiden and on to the largest brewery in Europe: Heineken Netherlands in Zoeterwoude. After completion of this heat pipe line in 2018, the waste heat will provide district heating to the entire Leiden region and surrounding areas.

Representatives of all parties involved, including Alexander van Ofwegen, Nuon’s Head of Business Unit Heat Netherlands, on the far right.

The Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude will be provided with steam for the brewing process; now natural gas is still being used to generate heat. The pipeline will be part of an even larger district heating network in the province of Zuid Holland.

In the future, other municipalities and businesses along the route - for example, the greenhouse industry – will benefit from this heat supply. In addition, the new pipeline will offer opportunities for other heat sources, such as geothermal or biomass.

CO2 reduction
Through the use of industrial residual heat, which would otherwise be lost, less natural gas will be used in the Leiden region. This represents a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and is consistent with the sustainability objectives of all parties involved.

With the signing of the Declaration of Intent, the six parties laid a solid foundation for close collaboration. Following a final investment decision next year, the parties shall actually proceed with the construction of the pipeline and the supply of heat. A new type of heat pump will be developed in order to make it suitable for use at the Heineken brewery. The project will also look into the best possible solutions for the construction of the pipeline and the best integration of the underground pipeline in the area.

Nuon will use the heat to supply customers in the city of Leiden, Leiderdorp and Oegstgeest, which represent 7,800 households and 200 large businesses.

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