GERMANY Vattenfall's very first community garden at the heart of Berlin is a garden oasis and community centre in one. From kitchen herbs to redcurrants – everything is planted, tended and harvested together here.

The industrious local residents' gardening efforts are infectious. Neighbours from all different backgrounds are coming together to water, plant and harvest as a community, creating a real social atmosphere in the neighbourhood. Even the children are enjoying the little island of nature at the heart of the city and eagerly fill up their watering cans and care for the plants. They can learn a lot about fruits and vegetables, herbs and flowers in the process. "My neighbours and I think it's a fantastic project", Gisela Koch says as she plants her parsley.

As Berlin is growing, the need for green areas grows as well. Therefore, urban gardening is a big trend. Vattenfall supports this development and has offered some of its free areas to the Berliners and opened the first community garden in June. More gardens will follow soon.

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