Germany A 4,100 tonne structure is now heading towards the offshore wind farm Sandbank site in the North Sea. Once installed, the substation will collect and transform the electricity generated by Vattenfall’s 72 4MW turbines.

The substation itself weighs 2,400 tonnes and the high jacket substructure weighs another 1,700 tonnes. The entire structure which has been constructed in Aalborg, Denmark is now being transported to the Sandbank site 90 kilometres west of Sylt in the German part of the North Sea.

Measured together, the substation and jacket substructure are over 70 metres in height.

Largest component
The substation is the largest technical component to be erected at the Sandbank offshore wind farm. The positioning and erection in 28 metres deep water, will be carried out by the installation vessel Stanislav Yudin.

More than 100 people will be involved in the deployment at sea.

15-storey building
Vattenfall´s project manager Martin Zappe says:
"With this offshore substation we are erecting a structure in the middle of the North Sea with the dimensions of a 15-storey office building. Suspending the 2,400 tonne topside will be the most difficult crane manoeuvre of the whole project. The preparations began a long time ago and were simulated along with all relevant partners at a special workshop in order to increase the safety of those involved in the construction activities.”

In operation
Once Sandbank is in operation, the substation will collect and transform the electricity generated by the 72 turbines and deliver it to a converter station.

Sandbank is scheduled to go into operation in 2017.

Watch the video from the sail out

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