Great Britain Vattenfall’s largest onshore wind farm, Pen y Cymoedd in Wales, is generating power to the national grid.

The Pen y Cymoedd wind farm will be one of the biggest boosts this decade to contribute to Wales’ green energy targets. Currently, 59 out of 76 turbines have been assembled and the wind farm generated power for the first time earlier this month.

Congratulations! How did you celebrate?
“At this stage we only export power to the grid from 15 turbines, so we didn´t really celebrate. We will hold off on the celebrations until early next year when all 76 turbines are up and running,” says Frank Elsworth, Construct Manager of Pen y Cymoedd wind farm.

There have been many challenges with construction because of rough weather and tough ground conditions. Over 684 abnormal load deliveries were completed between November 2015 and October 2016.

Somehow, all obstacles have been overcome.

“That´s entirely thanks to all the skilled people working in all areas of the project. Super teams! When problems occurred, they came up with constructive solutions no matter what,” says Frank Elsworth.

The overall challenge is the weather, mainly the wind speed. This will be a positive factor, of course, when the farm is up and running, but when it is too windy, the installation team cannot work for health and safety reasons.

This giant £500 million-project commenced in February 2014 and is currently both on schedule and within budget. The wind farm is expected to be finished in January next year and will deliver 707 GWh renewable energy per year, or enough electricity to power 188,000 homes.

Pen y Cymoedd wind farm project

Watch the wind farm from a drone

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