THE NETHERLANDS Roofs at Nuon’s Amsterdam headquarters and the Hemweg power plant will be covered by 1,300 solar panels, paid for by 226 employees who took part in an internal solar campaign.

The ZonSamen (SolarTogether) campaign where employees were invited to invest in solar panels, sold out in two weeks. 226 employees invested a total of EUR 458,000 in 1,300 panels which will cover roughly 2,000 m2 of rooftop space once installed at Nuon’s Hemweg 8 power plant, as well as at the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam.

The panels have a capacity of providing the equivalent of 100 households with electricity. The electricity generated will be directly consumed in the buildings.

Better return
Jilt Sietsma, Bart Dehue, Nicolien Sleyffers and Liebrich Hiemstra came up with the idea to give colleagues an opportunity to invest in solar panels. The idea was born in Nuon Next, an internal platform that transforms proposals for a sustainable future into concrete actions.

malou von breevort

malou von breevort

Jilt Sietsma

A key factor behind the campaign is that each participant receives a tax benefit on their investment.

Jilt Sietsma, Marketing Manager for solar energy at Nuon, says:
“The concept we developed enables our colleagues to invest in sustainable energy. In addition, they receive a good return on their investment. In fact, it equates to more than if they had put the money in a savings account. Due to the success of this campaign, we are considering whether to share this unique concept with other companies so that their own employees can invest in solar power with a minimum of effort and for a good return."

Upcoming market
In the Netherlands, Nuon aims to be a top player in the solar market.
“Solar is an upcoming market where competition is fierce. However, we see good possibilities to grow our customer base with solar and it adds to our ambition of offering reliable and sustainable energy,” Sietsma says.

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