NETHERLANDS 336 employee-funded solar panels on the roof of Nuon’s head office in Amsterdam are now generating electricity for the premises. The concept of employee-funded solar projects in other companies will now be explored.

In late 2015, 962 employee-funded solar panels were installed on outbuildings of Nuon’s Hemweg power plant in Amsterdam. Now,  another 336 panels have been installed on the roof of the company's headquarters. The power generated by the solar panels is to be used directly in the buildings and is roughly equivalent to the consumption of 100 households.

Peter Smink, CEO of Nuon, fitted the final solar panel.

"We are proud that this solar roof makes our offices even more sustainable. The way this solar roof was developed is inspirational and innovative. We expect to see more of these roofs on our other premises."

Successful campaign
Employees initiated and invested in the solar roof projects using the ZonSamen participation scheme.
The concept has proven to be successful – the solar panels were sold out within two weeks after the start, with 226 employees in total signing up to the campaign.
Bart Dehue, one of the initiators of ZonSamen:

"It's wonderful that the participation scheme we devised has been so successful. We are looking to see if we can put solar panels on more Nuon buildings, so that even more employees can take part. We are also exploring the possibility of offering this concept to other organisations, so they can get their employees involved in investing in sustainable energy."

Bart Dehue, Peter Smink and Nicolien Sleyffers

Fact The ZonSamen concept
The concept enables employees to jointly invest in sustainable energy by purchasing bonds. The tax benefits from the personal investments result in an attractive yield.

The participation scheme was conceived and developed by four Nuon employees – Bart Dehue, Jilt Sietsma, Liebrich Hiemstra and Nicolien Sleyffers – under the umbrella of Nuon Next, a platform that encourages employees to think about sustainable solutions for the future and enable them to convert ideas into campaigns.

Article “Employees cover rooftops with solar panels”

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