Germany The German sales unit recently acquired its 3,333,333rd customer and decided to surprise this very customer, 29-year old Christian Schoeneberg from Berlin.

The number of gas and electricity customers is steadily increasing in Germany and to celebrate the landmark “customer number 3,333,333”, the sales team sent a bouquet of flowers and a shopping voucher to Christian Schoeneberg.

Christian Schoeneberg moved out of his flat-share this summer and settled in an apartment of his own in Tempelhof, close to where he works, at Berliner Stadtreinigung.

He describes why Vattenfall became his energy provider.

"I initially asked friends and acquaintances about their setup – many were Vattenfall customers – and they only had good things to say about the company."

He then used comparison sites to find out more about the various gas and electricity tariffs on offer.

"One of my prerequisites for my new energy provider was to be reliable, that is to say; one that wouldn't go bankrupt and cause me to lose money."

Switching to Vattenfall via the website for his gas and electricity was no trouble at all, and the company's customer service has made a good impression on Schoeneberg.

10 per cent up
Sales reports that in the past few years the overall number of customers has risen by 10 per cent to over 3.3 million gas and electricity customers, distributed over three main markets; Berlin approx. 1.6 million, Hamburg approx. 0.7 million and Germany-wide 1.0 million customers.

The Sales team now acquires more than 60 per cent of new customers via digital channels, either via, which receives more than 450,000 hits per month, or through comparison sites such as Check24 and Verivox.   

Interview with Christian (in German)

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